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TikTok Famous Cookies and COOKIE CREAM 

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TikTok Famous Cookies 

We make outrageous, dessert inspired cookies and ship them nationwide! We got a little TikTok famous but we’re back to our regular shipping schedule. Orders ship within a week! 

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The One and Only COOKIE CREAM

Go Fork Your Ice Cream!

Fork regular ice cream, and try our famous COOKIE CREAM. Half ice cream, half cookie, this concoction is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! So rich and chewy, it is best eaten with a fork (or really a Spork!). 


Every one of our dessert-inspired cookies comes as a flavor of COOKIE CREAM. Ranging from classic chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream, to Oatmeal Creme Pie, to Chocolate Infinity and beyond! 


It's a one-of-a-kind novelty that you can only get in our store located in Lapeer, Michigan. And let us tell you, it's worth the trip! 


While you are visiting Lapeer, check out Woodchips BBQ where they make scratch made Real American BBQ. 

Cookie Cream in a Kookys N Cream bowl
Jessica helping a customer checkout

The story behind COOKIE CREAM

In 2005, Jessica went on spring break with her college roommates and went to a bakery that served ice cream. She got a cup of Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream. At that moment, Jessica realized there was a huge opportunity to make Cookies & Cream its own frozen novelty category by combining ice cream and cookies at a 50/50 proportion, creating various flavor combinations and textures. She went around the universe for a decade and a half calling it "50/50" and claiming it to be a brilliant idea and one that could make lots of money. But Jessica was in advertising and had no intention of opening a cookie and ice cream shop. 


Eventually, Jessica took her advertising career to the next level and became a freelance Social Strategist and began working with the M.C. WICHES and Woodchips brands, owned by her now-partner, Patrick Hingst. Together, they worked incredibly well to the point of Patrick asking Jessica if she wanted to open a Cookie and Ice Cream shop across the street from Woodchips BBQ with him in Downtown Lapeer. Jessica, who told everyone about her idea had never shared it with Patrick - until that moment. She was so excited that the concept she had carried with her for over 15 years took shape as she declared "Cookie Cream" to be the next big thing. Patrick wasn't sure about Cookie Cream, but Jessica insisted and they created their first batch together. Pat was convinced she was right at first bite! 


The store opened in August of 2019, just 6 month prior to the covid lockdowns. At first, everything was going well but the lockdowns halted all progress and growth. Jessica wasn't sure if she could keep the store open. She decided to try TikTok to advertise her business and it started to take off slowly, but not enough to make a dent. Eventually, the stress of the situation got to Jessica, she almost gave up, and instead of working she spent an entire evening on her phone distracting herself from the situation and found TikTok user EmilyJeanne333. This user created tons of content that made Jessica laugh. Coming from an advertising background, Jessica knew how much time and effort was put into those videos and reached out to offer this user and her family some cookies as a "thank you". Emily wrote back eagerly accepting the cookies and said she would give Kookys N Cream a shout out. Jessica was adamant that she didn't need to do that and that the cookies were a simple gesture of gratitude for bringing her out of a dark night. But Emily insisted and dropped a video that went viral for both her and Kookys N Cream. This act saved Kookys and made the Birthday Cake Cookie Sandwich the "TikTok Famous Cookie". Other major influencers purchased Kookys and posted unboxing videos, too, like Zoe Roe and Trisha Paytas taking Kookys N Cream to the next level. Since then, Kookys has been growing within their brick & mortar store as well as online, and hopes to open other locations in the future! 


The shop features extraordinary cookies, "kookifying" classic desserts into easy to eat cookies with each cookie being associated with its own flavor of Cookie Cream. The shop also specializes in catering all types of events like weddings, showers, graduation parties and open houses, and corporate events including pop-up shops! They excel at creative cookie cakes, edible cookie dough and other cookie-based treats! 


Located in the heart of Downtown Lapeer at 374 W. Nepessing St. owners Jessica, Patrick and their partner, Jason, cordially invite you to come check out the Kooky Cookie shop in downtown Lapeer.