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Kookys N Cream - Cookie Store, Bakery, Cookies

Everything is possible when we work together! 
This partnership is designed to help local organizations raise money to achieve their goals while supporting small business. Think of it is a community Bake Sale!

Not your cookie cutter cookie shop!

We’re the Kooky Cookie Shop located in the heart of Downtown Lapeer, Michigan. We’re known for “kookifying” desserts and turning them into outrageously delicious cookies!

We reinvent the best desserts and marry them together like our Cheesecake Stuffed Elephant Ear and our in-store specialty, Cookie Cream which is half cookie and half ice cream!

Our desserts are so popular and unique, our Birthday Cake Cookie became TikTok famous!

And, now, your organization can partner with us to spread kindness in the form cookies and raise money to achieve your goals.

We ship our cookies throughout the United States and also provide opportunities for local events!

For more information, call 248.310.5449 or email

Chocolate chip cookies cooling on a baking sheet
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